The bottom of Robin Hoods Bay

This is really one of my favorite places. Robin Hoods Bay is just so quaint, full of character and a real pleasure to visit. This particular spot is so often photographed, but if you know this little town you will know that it is just the delightful view you get when you finish walking down the very steep hill alongside beautiful little Fisherman’s cottages to reach the edge of the sea and look back.

This little town is close to Whitby on the North East coast ofEngland and when I go to visit my parents we so often come here and just walk down the hill, through the cobbled alleyways and steps and simply just take in the wonderful atmosphere. This painting has a very experimental use of watercolor which seems to have captured something about Robin Hoods Bay’s magic.

Published by JaneClarbour

I’m a watercolour artist who also loves to experiment with mixed media. I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember and I studied art straight from school in the UK. I began my creative working life as a Fashion Designer and I have managed to work in the UK, Vietnam and China and my work has taken me to Cambodia, India and Bangladesh. I now have a husband in Paris and an apartment in Spain and I live between the two places. A fortune teller once described me as a bird with no feet ! My fashion background and extensive travel through Asia has definitely influenced my use of colour and I draw and paint spontaneously, allowing the picture to develop as I go.

I work mainly on paper but I also work on canvas. I also love to experiment on wood and board. My main influence now comes from the English landscape where I was born and brought up there but my favourite season to paint is summer as I infusing my foreign experiences of heat into the other British seasons so you’ll usually see a blue sky! 
In my mixed media pieces I use everything from textured papers and glues to salt and alcohol splashing and i love to use oil paint on my watercolour paintings, basically, I love to explore different techniques!

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